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The end   (18.11.2008)

This has been coming for a long time: I have not written much music in the past year, even less in a quality worth sharing. Whenever I start a new project it turns into a desaster, which in turn diminishes my enthusiasm for new projects. After looking back on my output of the past 15 years, I had to face the fact that no amount of work, none of the countless hours of study and practice, none of the many hours of putting all my best efforts into creating something that was worth creating produced a result that even remotely resembled what I was working for. For many years I was failing to reach even the lowest levels of quality that I expect to hear in music. Additionally the website has been in a sorry state for way too long: no updates, broken RSS feeds, unfixed problems on the back end, no progress on the new website in months.

All that has been going on unaddressed for too long. The time has come to face the facts and put an end to it. My heartfelt thanks go to those who listened, commented, worked and shared with me. You meant a lot to me and it is for you, that I leave a few last pieces online.

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Peter Cernuska, 18.11.2008